Rwanda Integrated Health Management Information System

HMIS Monthly report

Tool to collect monthly clinical data from all health facilities, these information are used for planning, resource allocation and decision making

  • SISCOM: Health center Reports from CHW
  • Health center Reporting form
  • Distirct Hospital reporting form
  • Provincial Hospital reporting form
  • Referral Hospital Reporting form
  • Private Facilities Reporting form

HMIS information Guide:

Report Details

  • HMIS : Instance that collects routine health aggregate data from Public and private facilities
  • e-Learning : Health Sector Online learning platform
  • Website : MOH website with reporting tools and SOPs
  • Individualrecords : Tracker for Case Based
  • IDSR : Integrated Disease Surviellance and Response
  • FBF : Fortified Blended Food
  • Portal : Printing both covid and vaccination certificate

SOP : Standard Operating Procedures:

The Standard Operating Procedures for the Management of Routine Health Information aims to help all reporting entities meet these standards and thus ensure the quality of data that is collected, analyzed, and disseminated.

Health Indicator Reference Manual

Health Indicator Reference Manual has been developed to serve as an indicator reference guide. By helping users to understand, analyze and contribute to the consistency, accuracy and trends of indicators over time.